Sprue Wax, 24" Length

SKU: 261-6260

Size: 1/4"


Flexible and long, this sprue wax is custom-formulated to our strictest specifications for proper burnout. 24” long rods in 3 standard diameters. This wax melts at 120°F so that it is quickly eliminated during burnout – injection wax is not trapped in investment cavity but eliminated cleanly.

The injectable feature of our sprue wax is a time-saver. If you often use a complicated tree design, make a mold of it and inject multiples using our sprue wax. Your exact tree system is quickly created every time. Sold in 1 lb. Boxes.

Approximate rods per pound:
  • 1/4" diameter – 15 rods
  • 3/8" diameter – 10 rods
  • 1/2" diameter – 8 rods

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