Stainless Steel Shot - Mixtures

SKU: 852-1083

Weight: 1 lb.
Style: Rotary Mixture


With stainless steel, the application of rust inhibitors is usually unnecessary, and maintenance procedures are considerably simplified.

Available in convenient mixtures of 4 shapes for Rotary Tumbler and for Vibratory Tumblers. (Mixture is 40% Diagonals, 30% Ball Cones, 20% Round Balls, and 10% Pins or Oval Balls.)

Rotary Mixture contains pins while Vibratory Mixture contains oval balls since pins would wash out the drain.)

Vibratory Tumbler
Lbs. of Shot Required
#5 Cannot run shot
#10 Cannot run shot
#18 25 lbs.
#25SS 50 lbs.
#40 100 lbs.
#75 100 lbs.

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