SUPRA® "ME" Crimped Wire End Brush Set - 10 pcs.

SKU: 112-8024



Convenient introductory sets allow you to try similar brushes for your application. Set of 10 Crimped 0.005" wire end brushes. Contains 2 each of brass (7/16" or 9/16" trim length), steel (7/16" or 9/16" trim length) and stainless (7/16" trim length) end brushes.

Miniature wire end brushes contains fine crimped wire fill for light-duty cleaning and deburring very small recessed areas or ID's. Use with flexible shaft, micromotor, or high-speed pencil die grinders. Maximum operating speed on the 9/16" trim length brushes is 25,000rpm. All other is 37,000rpm. All brushes are also available individually, sold in dozen quantities.

All brushes come on 1/8" shanks.

Made in the USA.

Supra® "ME" Crimped Wire End Brush Set
Item #







110-8720 Brass 3/8" 1/4"
110-8820 Steel 3/8" 1/4"
110-9720 Brass 9/16" 5/16"
110-0920 Steel 9/16" 5/16"
110-8823 Stainless 7/16" 1/4"

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