Swiss Pattern Hand File Starter Set

SKU: 604-4000



Ideal for the jeweller just starting out or the everyday bench jeweller, the Swiss Pattern File Starter Set is high quality and includes the most popular hand files. This set is designed to give the user an offering of precision files supplied in a convenient canvas pouch for easy storage and portability.

Swiss Pattern and Inox files have a 6" (150mm) length of cut.

Vul-Crylic file is 8" overall length. 

Files are all made in Italy.

Included in Set:

  • 6" Barrette Swiss Pattern File, Cut 2 (635-0620)
  • 6" Half Round Swiss Pattern File, Cut 2 (630-0620)
  • 6" Half Round Ring Inox File, Cut 2 (602-0061)
  • 6" Hand Swiss Pattern File, Cut 2 (631-0620)
  • 6" Pillar Swiss Pattern File, Cut 2 (637-0620)
  • 8" Vul-Crylic File (604-0010)
  • #4 Plastic File Handle (170-6004)

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