Turbo Air Lappers

SKU: 850-2250

Stroke Length: 0.3mm


These air lappers have a low-vibration, quiet-running, durable reciprocating handpiece with a short stroke. Perfect for polishing ribs, slots and other tight areas. Produces great results with Diamond Poli Files and NSS Ceramic Stones.

All 3 colour coded models are supplied with air hose, coupler, foam sleeve and three tool holders for 1mm to 1/8" flat tools and 3mm round tools. Requires Filter/Regulator-Lubricator.

UTR-30 measures 7-7/8"L x 1-3/32" diameter, weighs 6.7 oz.
UTR-70 measures 8"L x 1-1/8" diameter, weighs 6.7 oz.
UR-120 measures 8-3/16"L x 13/16" diameter, weighs 6.0 oz.

Replacement Holder #65 accepts 1mm flat tools only.
Replacement Holder #64 accepts 1mm flat and 3 mm round tools.
Replacement Holder #62 accepts 1/8" flat tools only.

90 day manufacturers warranty.

Description Strokes
per Minute
Stroke Length PSI CFM
UTR-30 30,000 0.3 mm 90 1.76
UTR-70 28,000 0.7 mm 90 1.76
UR-120 12,000 1.2 mm 90 2.83

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