ULTRAMAX® DF Power Ultrasonic Polisher

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The ULTRAMAX® DF Power is a dual-function system that gives you the versatility of both ultrasonic and mechanical polishing. Achieve mirror finishes on milled and EDM surfaces using the ULTRAMAX® DF Power with finishing stones, files, ceramic stones, lapping stones with diamond compounds, and sintered, resin, and plated diamond tools. With a maximum output of 100 Watts, you can even polish the toughest metals like titanium and tungsten carbide with ease.

The ULTRAMAX® DF Power comes with a UF-9705 ultrasonic handpiece, a PHP35 rotary handpiece, and its DC motor port is compatible with Gesswein’s entire line of Power Hand® micromotor systems. For the toughest jobs, turn to the optional UF-7405 handpiece with 8mm thread.

Short stroke length and fast reciprocation give you total control over the most difficult polishing and deburring tasks. Polish right up to walls and deburr edges with the system’s special control functions. Use the NANO function for delicate, ultra-fine polishing and the TOUCH function to protect your workpiece from accidental contact.

ULTRAMAX® DF Power Functions

  • NANO Function – The normal stroke length of the DF Power is adjustable between 3-40μm. With NANO mode, you can reduce the adjustable stroke length to a minute 1-3μm range. This is ideal for ultra-high polishing such as diamond compound polishing or when you need to remove a very small amount of metal.
  • TOUCH Function – When the TOUCH function is activated, the mounted tool in your ultrasonic handpiece will reciprocate at full power only when contact is made with the metal surface of your workpiece. When you remove the tool from the metal surface, the reciprocation reduces to minimum power to protect your workpiece from any accidental contact.
  • UF-7405 Large Handpiece (Optional) – This large ultrasonic handpiece uses 8mm threaded tools. Ideal for very heavy-duty EDM applications.
Power Pack Specs
Frequency (range): 13 - 31kHz
Frequency Adjustment: Auto Feedback System
Ultrasonic Power Output: 100W Maximum
Power Hand 2X Output: 0 - 30V DC
Output Adjustment (power/stroke): Continuously Variable
Power Consumption: 300VA
Outside Dimensions (W x D x H): 7.08" x 10.35" x 9.01"
Electrical: 100/120V AC, 1 Ph, 50/60Hz
Net Weight: 11.9 lbs.
UF-9705 Handpiece Specs
Item #: 500-1321
Transducer: B.L.T. Electrostrictive
Cable Length: 1.7m (67")
Screw Thread: 6mm; 4mm with tool adapter (included)
Dimensions: 5"L x 1-3/32"
Net Weight: 9.2oz.
PHP35 Rotary Handpiece
Item # 510-5144
Max Torque: 6.5 Ncm
Motor Type: Carbon Brush
Overall Length: 5.9"
Net Weight 7 oz.

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