Umicore Rhoduna® PT ONE - 1gm

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Umicore developed RHODUNA® PT ONE as a unique rhodium alternative that coats jewellery in a white and bright rhodium-platinum alloy with the luster and durability of pure rhodium but at a fraction of the cost. RHODUNA® PT ONE was designed for artisans, so you will need minimal space, equipment, and chemistry to perform the electroplating. Just add water to create the bath. The solution consists of 30% rhodium and 70% platinum with a metal content of one gram per liter to make it more economical while delivering a nearly constant 20/80 rhodium-platinum layer up to 0.3μm thick that is indistinguishable from pure rhodium even to the trained eye.

Because platinum is so highly regarded in its own right, a rhodium-platinum combination delivers equal results while reducing production costs.

  • Bright white rhodium-platinum coatings
  • Uniform layer thickness
  • Crack-free up to 0.3μm
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Easy-to-handle
  • Up to 65% less expensive than pure rhodium electroplating
  • Minor porosity
  • Good covering speed
  • Suitable for rack plating
  • Made in Germany
Electrolyte Characteristics
Electrolyte Type: Strongly Acidic
Metal Content: 0.3 g/l Rh, 0.7g/l Pt
Operating Temperature: 45°C (40° - 50°C)
Coating Characteristics
Coating: Rhodium-Platinum
Alloy Composition 20% Rh, 80% Pt
Color of Deposit: White
Brightness: Bright
Max Coating Thickness Approx. 0.20µm


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