Vacuum Casting Machine T3

SKU: 265-1755



An ideal system to use when space is at a minimum. The 1/2 HP vacuum pump will create a negative pressure equal to 27-29" Hg at sea level eliminating air bubbles from investment and for vacuum-assist casting. Accommodates flasks up to 4" x 4". Includes:
  • Casting/investing table
  • Plexiglas bell jar (9"D x 8"H inside)
  • 3 CFM vacuum pump with 6' hose
  • Crucible with handle
  • Black rubber investing pad & orange casting pad
Electrical 110V, 6A, 60Hz
Motor 1/4 HP
Table Dimensions 12-1/2"L x 12-1/2"W
Vacuum Pump 14-1/2"L x 7"W x 9-1/2"H

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