Vibratory Tumbler TV-5

SKU: 852-0710



Ideal for small sample test batches as well as for finishing of small parts. Complete with bowl and cover. Will tumble approx. 25 average size ladies’ rings. Cannot be used with a Flow-Through System.

Tumbler #5 is the perfect size for rock tumbling with the TV-5 Stone Finishing Kit which includes all you need to start finishing agate and similar hard stones (not recommended for soft stones).

Working Capacity:* 0.05 cu.ft. (3 pints)
Max. Number of Ladies Rings:** 25
Vibrations per Minute: 3000 at 60 Hz (2500 at 50 Hz)
Overall Height: 9"
Bowl Dimensions: 8" Diameter x 3-3/4"Deep
Shipping Weight: 7 lbs.  

* Media plus parts. A proper ratio of media to parts (approximately 10 to 1) should be maintained in order to cushion the parts and protect them from striking each other.

** Approximately 1" in diameter.

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