Vibratory Tumbler TV-10

SKU: 852-0720



Vibratory tumbling can dramatically reduce or even eliminate costly hand-finishing time and, at the same time, maintain the high quality finish that you require on your parts!

Our smallest heavy-duty tumbler will tumble up to 50 average size ladies’ rings. Comes equipped with a drain and hose.

Complete operating instructions are included.

One year warranty.

Working Capacity:* 0.10 cu.ft. (2.6 quarts)
Max. Number of Ladies Rings:** 50
Vibrations per Minute: 3000 at 60 Hz (2500 at 50 Hz)
Overall Height: 15-1/2"
Bowl Dimensions: 10" Diameter x 5"Deep
Shipping Weight: 14 lbs.

* Media plus parts. A proper ratio of media to parts (approximately 10 to 1) should be maintained in order to cushion the parts and protect them from striking each other.

** Approximately 1" in diameter. Tumble-Vibe

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