Wolf™ Milling Wax™ Slices

SKU: 261-4937

Thickness: 5mm


Today’s milling machines demand a wax that can withstand extremely high rotational speeds, possess the toughness to be machined into thin sections and clean up quickly and easily. Wolf Milling Wax delivers on all these counts.

Until now, waxes were just too brittle, so they broke or chipped easily when milled into thin sections. Possessing high pliability and toughness, Wolf Milling Wax can be milled into ultra-thin cross sections with the most intricate details and minimal tool path residue. Resulting wax models clean up easily and burn out completely.

When finished, wax models produced from Wolf Milling Wax exhibit a gold-like tone that is easy to read and helpful in visualizing how the finished pieces will look when cast. As a bonus, it has proven to be an excellent hand carving wax, as well.

Slices measure 53mm square and are available in 3 thicknesses. Melting temperature: 240°F (115.6°C).

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