Xuron 486 90° Bent Chain Nose Pliers

SKU: 181-0211



Chainmaille artists will especially love this plier. The 90° bent nose allows for picking up even the smallest jump rings and then easily transitioning to an open/close of the ring, all while keeping the wrist in a natural position.

Excellent for modelling enthusiasts and other crafters. Ergonomically designed using soft Xuro-Rubber™ hand grips and an internal return spring for added precision and comfort.

Two sides are attached with a lap joint and a rivet.

Made in USA.

Xuron 486 90° Bent Chain Nose Pliers
Item #: 181-0211
Length of Jaw: (Rivet to Bend) 0.92"
Length of Jaw: (Bend to Tip)


Width of Jaw: 0.51"
Tip Height: 0.06"
Tip Width: 0.06"


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